dot_medRemote Live Support


Do you have computer problems or need ongoing support for operating systems or software? Our computer and software experts help you in any situation, give advice via telephone, or remotly connect to your computer (using secure and non-abusable software which is free and legaly available to download) to help you in any situation. Everything which is subject to the discussion and the support session will be handled in total privacy. If we do not have sufficient knowledge in a special field of your interest, we will inform you about that before we charge. We offer our service in two different ways:

dot_med Casual (Per Hour)
The first half hour of support is free of charge. After that, we charge you with a fee of 70 € per hour (VAT exclusive). Out of office hours (incl. weekends/legal holidays) (CET, UTC/GMT+1) are charged with 85 € per hour (VAT exclusive). You will be charged in steps of half hours.

dot_med Flat Rate (New)
Our new offer is a remote support flat rate. We will help in any situation, for as long as neccessary during the normal office times and in special cases also in the evenings and the weekends. Please click here to be able to purchase the product for one month.